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Drunk Jesus

Jesus is fed up with humanity. He’s turned to the bottle.

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An inebriated savior? What did Christians think would happen to a guy that could turn water into wine? A hilarious show where the Son of God answers questions from real people while getting utterly wasted! And let's not forget the sexy angels all around, including Jesus's own personal assistant Slave108DD! 

With an ear for the questions and prayers of human beings on earth, heaven, and the beyond, Jesus has become utterly misanthropic. Threatening to never answer another prayer, we've been forced to keep him imprisoned behind the Pearly Gates. Slave108DD is his only consolation, and he makes sure she takes the brunt of his pent up hostilities.

Fortunately, we do have a lot of fun when he whips it out -- his guitar, we mean. He's the best guitarist in the galaxy and he enjoys sharing his secrets to virtuosity with mere mortals. 

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Sober Genius Permanent Waves TV Sankara Saranam

Sober Genius

Jesus, sober, with half a dozen PhD's under his belt. Ask him anything!

Need personal advice? Need help distinguishing reality from fantasy? Want to know how to walk on water? The Sober Genius has the answers you're looking for! Ask him any question with #AskDrunkJesus.

Multi-award-winning author, philosopher, poet, virtuoso guitarist, expert on pranayama, world religions and mysticism, and an all-round cool guy to hang out with, The Sober Genius will take you on an intellectual journey that will plumb the depths of the possible and reach for the Absolute.

This must-see show will expand your mind and leave you with a larger perspective of Reality.

The complement to the show Drunk Jesus, Sober Genius is Jesus on intellectual steroids.

Guitar God

The greatest guitarist dead.

Drunk Jesus is usually drunk, but when he's somewhat off the bottle we pull him onto the set to give us a guitar lesson. The trouble is that he can play the guitar just as well drunk. And when he's drunk, he plays everything faster!

Guitar God gives the Son of God the opportunity to share the secrets to virtuosic playing he's picked up over the centuries. He'll cover both classical and electric guitar techniques, famous rock tunes, and the fine points of guitar mastery.

Drunk Jesus has a very distinct philosophy of music and guitar and will share stories of his times with Nick Paganini, Wolf Man Mozart, and some forgotten composers, like Bach's kids.

There isn't anything he can't play, so feel free to request an instructional video of any song. But if you request it 491 times, don't expect him to forgive you.

Eat Me!

Who knew Jesus was a virtuoso guitarist with a dirty mind?

Jesus loves to be eaten. That somehow got confused with wafers over the centuries, so he hopes to set the record straight with his raunchy rock band.

First starting to play stringed instruments in a life lived well over a millennia before his life as the savior to the human race, Jesus claims that he is the greatest guitarist. Yes, he's dead now and in heaven, but he doesn't think that should matter. We think it does, folks, but try to reason with him on this note and you'll get nowhere. Just enjoy the music and hopefully he won't mouth off about how awesome he is with an axe.

Backed by Anüs Buttafuco and Scott Reamer on rhythm guitar and bass, respectively, Jesus formed Eat Me! to attract women. Unfortunately, with Anüs and Scott on the roster, the band is attracting a lot more of their kind of cuisine, and Jesus is getting fed up. So, if the band is renamed, Feed Me!, that's why.

What is Jesus's rock band Eat Me!? Originals, music parodies, wine, wafers, and lots of flesh. Let's hope you get the idea. But if not, just watch as Jesus slaps those A and fondles those B notes.

Heaven's Hottest

The Son of God in a gay sandwich.

This show’s got plenty of mayo and extra pickles!  Hosts Anüs Buttafuco and Scott Reamer pound a sober Jesus Christ with questions and controversy, testing the limits of his infinite patience. 

While camping in the hot deserts of the Sinai in search for answers, Anüs and Scott found the Son of God, in rehab. But by the time they made it to Eilat, the party started and none of them have been the same since. Buttafuco and Reamer are so happy now, sometimes they think they've died and went to heaven. We haven't told them yet that they actually did.

Anüs and Scott are media whores, and love to make shows spotlighting the latest scandal. They never agree with Jesus on anything and never follow his advice, and yet have chosen him as their Lord and Savior. They call this being "Christian."

With a gaping scope for exploration like theirs, covering every subject so long as it falls in the category of dirty laundry, Heaven't Hottest is sure to please even the most refined of tastes.

Goat Flu

Battered Robot Chicken, deep fried in acid.

The goat got hold of the remote. This kid’s ADD is stratospheric!

Anüs Buttafuco and Scott Reamer are in fact the alter egos of the famous duo, and multi-talented comedians, musicians, and actors, Dick Milk and Peter Butkus. 

On their off time from the shows Heaven's Hottest and Eat Me!, the dynamic duo plays Monopoly, strip poker, and sits by the fire, daring each other to throw the other in.

When they get really bored with all of that, they put some juice into their comedy pet project, Goat Flu. They love goats, really. Baby goats. Little. Baby. Goats. Something is wrong with these two.

Anyway, after sacrificing a goat to their insatiable appetities, Goat Flu was born. They both got the flu, actually, and were at death's door. It was then that they were inspired by a new type of comedy they called meaninglessness. They discuss this at length in their shared doctroal dissertation, but since they flunked out of middle school, no one's interested in reading it.

Are You Smart Enough?

Simple questions. Stupid answers.

Can adult Americans pass eighth grade? Do they even know what it means to be an American? America is exceptional! It’s the only place where idiocy is a virtue.